Directions to Holly Cove:

          (713) 465-0083 if you have a problem


          The trip will probably take between 2.5 and 3.0 hours from Houston.



Ø     Go North on Highway 59 (through Humble & Cleveland) to Livingston – about 75 miles.


Ø     In the middle of Livingston, turn right (East) on Highway 190 – Go about 35 miles to Woodville.


Ø     In the middle of Woodville, turn left (North) on Highway 69 – Go about 13 miles to Colmesneil.


Ø     A couple of miles past Colmesneil, turn right (East) on Highway 255 – Go about 17 miles to Highway 63 – and on past Highway 63, 2.5 miles to Letney Park Road  - There will be a “Cemetery” sign on the right. Turn left here.


Ø     Go 1.7 miles to a left turn  (paved, very sharp, “CO RD 54” sign) – you almost turn back. Turn left here  (There is an earlier left turn marked “CO RD 59” that you pass up)


Ø     Go past the first right turn (0.8 miles with sign saying “Westwood”, also a sign saying “CO RD 58”), and go to the second right turn (additional 0.2 miles with sign saying “Concord Ridge”, also sign saying “CO RD 57”, also “Holly Cove Cemetery” sign) – Concord Ridge is our street. Turn right here


Ø     We are the first place on the left – there is a wooden fence with “Holly Cove” over the gate. “Sibley” is on the mail box


Ø     Go in through the gate, and follow the winding road. Stop at the first building you come to. This is a sandstone metal building with a green roof. This is “The Globe”.